Regional Roundtables & Webinars

TDA's educational events are designed to provide our members educational and networking opportunities within their regions. Roundtables are half to full day events and include presentations, discussions, networking, and lunch.  These meetings are a great way to showcase your downtown and share initiatives and strategies that have been useful in your community.

Regional Roundtables and webinars are open to both members and non-members of TDA.

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January Webinar: Light Up the Night

Light up the Night: Strategies for Downtown Lighting

Wednesday, January 27th, 12-1pm CST

Downtowns need adequate lighting, for safety and security, of course, but strategic lighting lends itself to placemaking--a vital part of downtowns. During the first part of our January webinar speaker Brandon Stephens, CEO of The Décor Group in Irving, will share information about types of lighting,cost, and infrastructure. Marie Oehlerking-Read of Komatsu Architecture will follow up with information on performing your own downtown light audit and identifying areas that need attention to improve both safety and walkability.

Brandon Stephens, The Decor Group
Marie Oehlerking-Read, Komatsu Architecture

Cost: $20

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Upcoming Webinars

February: Downtown Associations
Strong downtown associations can make an incredible impact on downtown success. This webinar will feature representatives of associations from different downtowns who will discuss challenges, solutions, and share ideas.

March: Downtown Housing
The development of housing can make a big difference to a downtown. Residents are more likely to support downtown businesses and contribute to downtown safety, while quality projects can increase property values in a district. This webinar will feature both housing developers and residents.